Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal

Of the Shetland population, 675 patients per year must travel to Aberdeen to have an MRI scan to diagnose cancer, strokes, heart conditions, childhood disease and disability, liver problems, spinal cord injury, arthritis bone and joint damage, brain injury and tumours, eye conditions, chronic back pain, sciatica, slipped discs and many other conditions. 

There can be delays in getting an MRI scan due to bad weather, transport delays and logistical problems in getting short notice appointments or one stop clinics. There is also the challenge of making the journey itself, which can involve time off work, and impact on family life and child care at an already difficult time. 

Through a combination of grant funding and a public fundraising campaign, the Shetland Health Board Endowment Fund aims to raise £2 million for an MRI Scanner located at the Gilbert Bain. This would bring quicker access to diagnostic tests and reduce unnecessary patient travel, stress and inconvenience. The savings in patient travel will be put towards staffing the MRI Scanner.

Supporting the public fundraising campaign are Senior Staff Nurses Emma Williamson and Gwen Angus, who work in the Gilbert Bain Accident and Emergency department and star in the Island Medics series. Emma Williamson said: “We are supporting the campaign because an MRI Scanner in Shetland will make a huge difference to patients. The power of a diagnosis should never be underestimated. This is a big challenge, so we need to make raising funds as lightsome as we can.”

All funds raised will be spent locally on an MRI scanner in Shetland. 

MRI diagnostics are used to diagnose and monitor a wide variety of conditions and the number of patients who need them is steadily increasing. 

Lisa Ward, Chair of the Shetland Health Board Endowment Fund: “Any of us could need an MRI scan at some point in our lives. Grant funding will be applied for and cover some of the costs but the Shetland community will need to get together and raise a good chunk of the total to make sure it happens”. 

There are lots of ways you can help us raise the funds. Have a look at the SCAN – Shetland Can! website to see the many ways you can help or contact us to find out how to get your own wacky fundraising ideas for something different underway.

If any community can do it, Shetland Can!

Posted on 21st June 2018 in News

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