The Hospital Saturday Fund has made a donation of £2,000 towards the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal – bringing the project one step closer to its goal.

The MRI Scanner Appeal has now raised approximately £120,000 – through donations and fundraising by the community. The donation from the Hospital Saturday Fund will go directly towards buying the scanner which, once it is in place, will mean the majority of people needing a MRI will be able to have scans in Shetland, avoiding long journeys to the mainland.

Currently, people living in Shetland access this service from NHS Grampian, which requires a minimum of a 12-hour ferry journey or a flight to Aberdeen to have this test.

Kathleen Carolan, Director of Nursing and Acute Services, said the donation was gratefully received. “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Hospital Saturday Fund for the generous donation and recognising how important this appeal is to us in Shetland as a remote community.”

Posted on 28th March 2019 in News, Donation

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